Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1. Refund / Replacement for Essential Oil Products

a) "Fit for Purpose"

Stone Rise Farm makes no claim as to any of its products being fit for any specific purpose that the customer may have in mind. Therefore, Stone Rise Farm cannot entertain refunds or replacements on such a basis.

b) Quality / Purity Issues

We at Stone Rise Farm take any quality or purity issue, with regard to our essential oils, very seriously. However, once the tamper-evident seal has been broken, we cannot be responsible for any adulteration or contamination of the oil that may subsequently occur. Therefore, if you choose to return an essential oil product to us (this must be at your cost), we will engage an independent laboratory to test the oil, via Gas Chromatography, as to the composition of its constituent components. Initially, this testing will be done at your cost (and only commenced when payment has been received). The results of the test, all of which will be communicated to you, will determine the action that we will take:

i. For all Lavandula angustifolia varieties and Lavandula x intermedia Grosso - should the test results conform to the applicable ISO standards for these essential oils, Stone Rise Farm will terminate the issue and will not recompense you for this particular purchase. Should any essential oil remain from the testing process, we will contact you and, if you elect to have the product returned to you, we shall do so once we have received payment for the shipping method you choose.

ii. For all other varieties, we will compare the results of your test with the results of our sample test from the same harvest of that variety. Should the results reasonably compare with each other, action shall be taken as per point 1 b) i.

iii. In all cases, where evidence of adulteration or contamination has been identified by the testing, we will compare the results of the test with the results of our sample test from the same harvest of that variety. Should the results reasonably compare with each other (with regard to the proper constituent components), there has been no issue related to the distillation or bottling of the oil. The adulteration or contamination must therefore have occurred after the product left our facility and we can therefore take no responsibility for such adulteration or contamination. Action shall be taken as per point 1 b) i.

iv. In cases where there is no adulteration or contamination of the essential oil, yet it fails to meet ISO standards (where they exist) or fails to compare with a sample of the same variety, Stone Rise Farm will retain ownership of the sub-standard product (for quality control improvement) and recompense you for all costs associated with determination of the issue. These include:

► Your shipping of the product to us

► Your cost for testing of the product

► A refund of the purchase price or a replacement of the product (where available) at your choice

► Free shipping of replacement product back to you


2. Refund / Replacement for Hydrosol Products

While every effort is made with regard to quality and purity in the production of our hydrosol products, all hydrosol products are sold entirely "as is" with no statement as to their fitness for purpose, quality or purity. Stone Rise Farm will therefore not refund or replace any hydrosol product for any reason whatsoever.


3. Shipping Responsibility

Stone Rise Farm uses Australia Post as the default shipping provider. As standard, we offer the following Australia Post Services:

Service Signature upon Delivery Tracking Insurance Cover Included
(Australia) Regular Parcel No Yes No +
(Australia) Express Post Parcel No Yes No +
(Australia) Courier Post Yes Yes No +
(International) Economy Air Yes* No No +
(International) Standard No Yes No +
(International) Express Yes Yes No +
(International) Courier No Yes No +
* = our requirement, added to standard rate already for you    + = extra insurance can be arranged to cover the shipment

Further details about the above services can be found on the Australia Post web site.

If your shipping requirements are different in any way (including extra cover) to the above services, please choose the "Please Contact Me" shipping method. We will contact you to ascertain your requirements, then modify your order. We will then send an e-mail to you with instructions for payment of the shipping charge via PayPal. Once all monies have been paid, your item will ship. Where possible, we will obtain a tracking number for the shipment and notify you of it by email.

Once an order has been dispatched, it is out of our hands. Therefore, Stone Rise Farm cannot assume any responsibility for the actual delivery of the order. Should there be any issue with the delivery of the order, we will endeavour to work with you and the shipping provider differently, depending upon the method of shipping you choose:


4. Product Intended Destination

Stone Rise Farm will provide the ordered products to you, the end-customer whose information appears on the order. You, the end-customer, agree that the product has not been purchased for any resale purpose. Should the ordered products be gifted or otherwise transferred to someone else, any issues arising will be resolved with you, the end-customer whose information appears on the order, as per section 1.

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