Essential Oils for Overseas

Where can I see your essential oils?

Feel free to browse the different oils in the "Essential Oils for Australia" menu, but please don't order them as we cannot supply them to you and will need to refund your purchase.

Where can I buy your essential oils?

The following retailers have some of our essential oils:

  • DeRu Extracts (USA) - Rosemary Tasmanian
  • Deli Aroma LLC (USA) - Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary Tasmanian
  • Nature's Gift (USA) - Rosemary Victorian


Why can't I buy your oils directly from you?

Please read the following notice.


The Australian government has tightened the security restrictions and procedures of outbound cargo. These new restrictions and procedures came into effect on 1 March 2019. The upshot is that in order to send a retail quantity of any essential oil, a suitably qualified courier must be used. We can no longer use Australia Post and their international hand-offs (for example, USPS).

As this results in greatly increased shipping cost, we have determined that it is much more economical for you to purchase our essential oils through one or more of the retailers in your own country. As such, we will no longer ship retail essential oil orders internationally from our online shop.

We profusely apologise to our international Wait List customers who are expecting to be offered essential oils; governments worldwide (including ours) are becoming increasingly security focused and there is nothing we can do about it. Emails will be sent to affected customers to inform them of this notice and any affected Wait List orders will sadly be closed (essential oils only, your Wait List hydrosol order will stay).

When a retailer in your country will be stocking our essential oils, then (with their permission) we will announce the availability on our Facebook page and in our online shop.

The relevant Australian government notice can be read here:

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